Dry Phase Patterning

Revolutionizing electronic circuitry manufacturing
and patterning of laminates


Innovation isn’t about complexity.
It’s all about simplicity.

The first thing you notice about groundbreaking technology isn’t the bells and whistles. It’s how it simplifies your everyday life that makes the real difference. DPP (Dry Phase Patterning) is a new technology that not only revolutionizes the manufacturing of electronic circuits – it turns it upside down. Our process is based on mechanical machining of the material, rather than the traditional use of chemical etching. This brings you instant advantages such as cost-efficiency and significantly reduced production times. But it is also the choice for everyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution that meets tomorrow’s demands.

DPP is still a spark of genius even if you don’t manufacture electronics. There are numerous applications for our technology when it comes to patterning laminates. Try DPP – an innovative approach.

But we offer more than ideas and technology. We offer the DPP-100 and DPP-330. Flexible and highly efficient dry phase patterning machines that makes every possibility become reality.

Our idea


Take a quick glance at the DPP process.
You’ll never look at traditional methods again.

Let’s get down to basics. Once you get the big idea with Dry Phase Patterning, it’s easy to see the countless possibilities. First, let us explain what our process ISN’T. DPP isn’t chemically based and environmentally hazardous. It isn’t time-consuming. And it isn’t a process where you must depend on several subcontractors to realize your ideas.

Instead, DPP is a revolutionary, fast, flexible and environmentally friendly method of producing conducting structures on flexible materials, such as metals, paper, plastic or fabric.

To put it short, our process works by use of a cliché that presses out your desired pattern on a material, or “web”, consisting of a top layer and an underlying laminate. A milling wheel then mechanically removes the protruding pattern from the top layer (the pattern layer), while the bottom layer laminate remains untouched. This leaves a conductive pattern on the laminate. Of course, our technology can also be used for non-electronic/non-conductive applications. And with DPP, you have the freedom to use moisture and heat sensitive materials that are impossible to use in chemical etching.
Take a look at our step-by-step guide to the DPP process below. It says it all.

This is the material on which the pattern will be produced. It consists of a bottom carrying layer of e.g.
plastic or paper, and a top layer to be patterned, for instance a metal or a polymer.
This is an optional die cutter.
A standardized and easily replaceable type of custom made cliché that is used for instance in the printing industry.
In this step, the elevated pattern is mechanically removed from the top layer. Residue can easily be recycled.
The cutting blade mills away the pattern that the cliché (3) has pressed out through the material, with great precision.
Your product is ready!
1. The material (e.g. a foil, film etc.)
2. The cliché wheel
3. The cliché with the desired pattern.
4. The milling wheel
5. The cutting blade
6. The created pattern

Products DPP-100 DPP-330

So you get the idea?
Now get the machine.

Innovation is nothing without the means to make it happen. And it must happen in a fast, flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way. That is why we offer the DPP-100 and DPP-330, our patented dry phase patterning machines that put all the possibilities of our process literally in your hands.


Over to you.
What do you need?

Our customer

The applications for Dry Phase Patterning are countless. In fact, we may not even know about some of them yet. But in other cases, we know very well how DPP can improve your business. During our research and development process, we identified a number of areas that would benefit greatly from using our products and production technologies. These are:

  • Antennas, RFID, EAS, Mobiles, etc.
  • Heating foils
  • Flexible PCBs
  • Others: For example tapes, flexible cables etc.

But this is only the beginning. Working closely with you, we can develop the best solution for your unique needs. The flexibility of our technology makes your imagination the only limitation. For instance, imagine the freedom of instantly manufacturing a new product prototype by using your own DPP-100, without having to depend on subcontractors. Sounds good, right?

You are welcome to contact us if you want more information. We’ll be happy to visit you and explain more how your business can benefit from our technology.


A selection of DP Patterning news


2017-06-14 DP Patterning  appointed as one of  Nordic´s 50 most innovative up-and-coming companies in the Serendipity Challenge 2017

Serendipity Challenge is an annual entrepreneurship competition and technology venue open to all Swedish and Nordic start-up and growth companies. The competition’s finals take place during Almedalsveckan where 50 of Sweden’s and the Nordic´s most innovative, up-and-coming companies compete for the titles of “Start-up company of the year and Growth company of the year.

2017-04-27 DP Patterning’s CEO Staffan Nordlinder Recognized as an Honoree of the ÅForsk Foundations “ÅForsk Entreprenuer Scholarship for the Sweden’s 10 most innovative entrepreneurs”

The ÅForsk Foundation Entrepreneur Scholarship for 2017 has been awarded to Staffan Nordlinder at DP Patterning, for a revolutionary method of manufacturing electrical circuits. The machines built by DP Patterning uses milling technology to create circuits, which makes for a simpler, more cost effective and faster (10x) method than conventional chemical etching. This method is also environmentally friendly

2017-02-25 DP Patterning in media (in swedish)


2017-02-09 First orders of solderable material process to Automotive industry

The first order and delivery with the recently developed technology for patterning copper like materials has been delivered to automotive industry. The customer sees big benefits with the material

2017-02-20 New order of a DP Patterning system from Mühlbauer

DP Patterning and Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG has together customized the DPP-technology for the RFID industry. Mühlbauer now orders their second DPP system for integration in their ACS system. This is the first order of the multi million euro agreement between the companies.

 2017-01-15 Process for manufacturing solderable DPP-processed material established

DP Patterning has developed a process for processing material with copper characteristic for the DPP-Process. The material mimic normal copper but with lower material cost and better adapted to the DPP-Technology giving finer resolution than pure copper.

 2016-12-23 New cooperation agreement between DP Patterning and Mühlbauer

A new cooperation agreement between DP Patterning and Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG come to be effective. The agreement covers more than twenty systems in the next three years

Mühlbauer is the dominating manufacturer of RFID assembly line -systems and sees the increased need for cutting cost in manufacturing of RFID-Labels by compressing the supply chain.

2016-09-01 Automotive customer order pilot production

DP Patterning receives their first order for test production for automotive industry. There has been a growing interest from markets outside of RFID industry one of the industries in need for a cost effective and environmentally friendly process is the Automotive industry.

2016-08-15 David Öd-Österman joins as CTO

DP Patterning AB has appointed David Öd-Österman as CTO, effective 15 August 2016. He will report directly to CEO, Staffan Nordlinder. In addition to his overall responsibility for product management he is also responsible for Product development. He has broad experience in project management in mechanical design industry where he has been working with innovative design at Prodelox AB and with offshore products at Xact Consultance AS.

2016-06-30 DP Patterning and Mühlbauer signing a license agreement for the RFID market

DP Patterning has signed a license agreement for the right of using the DPP-technology within RFID market segment with Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG. The license agreement is a part of the strategical partnership between Mühlbauer and DP Patterning and will strengthen the collaboration between the partners.

Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG Founded in 1981, the Mühlbauer Group has grown to a proven one-stop-shop technology partner for the smart card, ePassport, RFID and solar back-end industry. Further business fields are the areas of micro-chip die sorting, carrier tape equipment, as well as automation, marking and traceability systems. Mühlbauer’s Parts&Systems segment produces high precision components.

2016-04-28 DP Patterning launches development project targeting solderable FPCB for LED applications

DP Patterning is aiming for an introduction to the lighting market focusing on printed circuit boards for LED products. The successful DPP-process for RFID will in the project be tuned to fit the requirements for the LED-industry of today, demanding low cost solderable materials.

The Project is cofounded by Vinnova the Sweden’s innovation agency

Vinnova Swedish government agency working under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and acts as the national contact agency for the EU Framework Programme for R&D. We are also the Swedish government’s expert agency within the field of innovation policy. Vinnova was founded in January 2001. About 200 people work here and we have offices in Stockholm and Brussels. Our Director General is Charlotte Brogren.


Information about the product

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Contact us

Tell us more about your business.
We’ll tell you how DPP can improve it.

We are always eager to meet new customers. In fact, it’s the best part of our job, seeing how our technology can be put to use. The best way to get to know DPP is to meet us in person. We love talking about our products and technologies.

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